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Michele R. Hughes is the Queen of Relationships.  Michele's goal is to help singles find their optimal place in living a fulfilled single lifestyle.  She wants to connect with you singles and listen to you.  And guide you through any crises, problems or issues that you are facing. 


Single, Sex & Satisfiedis available to all singles who are looking for advice, consulting, coaching or needing answers to any problems you are experiencing at this time.  We are here to listen to you!

We find it very rewarding in dealing with relationships issues.  You can contact us, if you are in need of our consulting or coaching services.  We are only a telephone call away from getting your needs met.

Many times singles don't have any place to go with their issues.  We want you to understand we are here to serve you.  You are not alone.  We are going to help you walk through whatever is troubling you in your life.

Singles are our business!


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"I have truly enjoyed listening to your show for singles.  It has encouraged me with my boyfriend.  He finally proposed to me, I want to thank you for teaching me how to appreciate him!"

Carol Jones,  Chicago, IL

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